Current and Future Problems

This blog will receive the problems of the Academics, Industrialists, Government, Entrepreneur, Students, Farmers, Women, Men, Society etc., with open arms.  Post your problem.

·         Academic Problems- Universities, Colleges, Syllabus, Students, Management, Research, Projects, Faculties, BOS, BOE, Recommended Books, Reference Books, Valuation systems, Challenging Valuation, a variation of the syllabus in each university but the final degree name is same.

·         Industrial Problems- Forecasting, Employability, Globalization, Foreign Markets, Products and Services, Finance, HR, Marketing.

·         Government Problems- Policies, Frameworks, Concepts to Realities, Politics, Stable Government, Law & Order

·         Entrepreneur Problems- Knowledge of the products, finance, subsidies, Government Schemes, Support from the Government

·         Student’s Problems- Heavy/ light syllabus, Employment, Fees, Facilities of the Colleges, Delay in Results announcements, admissions, valuation system.

·         Farmers Problems- Advance technology, crops, entrepreneurship, community concepts, information, transportation, middlemen etc.,

·         Women Problems- Work harassment, bossism, work life balance etc.,

·         Men Problems - Double earning effects.

·         Societal Problems: Food, Shelter, Cloth, Poverty, Illiteracy, Environment, Accumulation of the wealth in few hands, Political interested works, Castism, Minority, Reservations, Increase in pollution, Ecology, Wastage, Health & Hygiene, Mobile Usage, Railways, Increase fair of Road Transports, Increase in the cost of living, Increase in the prices of Gas, Petrol etc., micro finance, SHG, Corruption, Effect of Nuclear families, Cyber Crimes, Problems of Old age people.

·         Law & Order: Real Estate Problems, Cheating, Private finance,  Rowdiesm, Vandalism, Hooliganism ,  Increase of Associations who will take law in the hands.

·         Education, Justice, Government facilities  is reaching to the people of the upper class, but not to the needy.


So, being an intellect what we can do? Think and Act!