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(Dear Reader! Opinions expressed in this site are general.  They do not belong to a particular person/ entity/ country/ university/ management/ Government/ Institution or not claiming that everything is bad or good; wherever the systems not at place but thorough research we can modify our systems. Ignore the views if found them irrelevant. Your suggestions/ advises are always welcome. This is a platform for finding the solutions for burning issues with collective ideas and ideologies.)

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In the era of Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization world is in the palm through the technological advancements of Internet. Every problem has the solution; to solve the problem, there is a need for common platform for researchers to do the research and at the other end to avail the solutions.

         R&D spending in Dollars %of GDP is 2.7% USA, 1.84% China, 3.3% Japan, 2.3% Germany, 3.0% South Korea, 1.9% France, 1.7% UK, 0.9% India. India stands at the  8th place spending for R&D.[1],[2],[3]  

The QS World University Rankings for 2012[4] has been announced and none of the Indian universities figures in top 200. The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings — the most reputed global rankings of institutes for higher education had featured IIT-Bombay in 2010 which was ranked 187, but dropped to 225 last year. This year it is down to 227.

Education systems in India, was not built in one day but a lot of intellectuals have shared in shaping to the present system. We are still away from the expected standard and are facing problems. We have to correct ourselves.

1823-Mountstuart Elphinstone's minutes,

1835-Lord Macaulay-  "efforts to make natives of the country thoroughly good English scholars".

1854-Sir Charles Wood's Dispatch

1857-Universities of Calcutta, Bombay (now Mumbai) and Madras

1887-University of Allahabad

1925-Association of Indian Universities

1944-National system of Education

1945-University Grants Committee

1948-Dr. S Radhakrishnan commission report

1956-UGC statutory body, Government of India through an Act of Parliament

Central authorities, Kothari Commission, Ramamurthy Committee, NAAC, National Knowledge Commission, Independent Regulatory Authorities like IRAHE, IISERs, XII Plan, AICTE or NCTE, UGC, Yashpal committee reports and  a lot of committees, people’s efforts are there to groom these systems. One should remember that these are our systems and it always needs change to cope up with the changing environment.  It is not only responsibility of the UGC, Government, Universities, and Faculties but also the responsibility of each and everyone who lives in the society. It is easy to comment on the systems but how can we neglect that we are part of the systems. It is our responsibility to change our systems, not that someone has to recognize or appoint or paid. Let us reform ourselves without any expectations. Just make reforms with a deep introspection and suggestions. Let us change ourselves.

UGC & Government, UniversitiesPolicies, NAAC, NBA, Accreditations, Sanctions, rules and regulations everything is fine but failure in the implementation by receiving the wrong / cooked information to the regulatory authorities.  Research on failure of Implementation / Unemployable students has to be done. So strong measures, unexpected sudden inspections are required.  Consideration of all i.e. from managements, industries, departments, students, professionals, faculties required while framing the policies. There is a need of Reverse Brainstorming. Universities should understand the problems from  all angles. Remove the barriers if not controllable, legalize the systems. UGC and Government should send the committees to study the systems adapted by top universities in the world.

Managements & Faculties :( not all) Some Managements acting as profit oriented centers rather than knowledge temples. Malpractices like unaccounted donations, appointing underperforming faculties, below standards, Quantity oriented rather than Quality, Management should come out of the adjustment mentality and they have to provide Quality education otherwise automatically the institutions will be closed. Universities prescribe the syllabus, Managements force faculties to get the good passing and score of students, and in turn faculties concentrate on syllabus modules rather than finishing all modules and transforming knowledge, because finally the management asks how many students passed with high scores.

Question of the managements is if they show the real accounts like donations, if they collect only as per the prescribed fee will they survive? Ultimately salaries have to be borne by the management.

Question of the faculty is whether they have to please management/ students / university syllabus / knowledge / industry employability?

Question of the students is should I get the good percentage / knowledge / industry oriented.  Each university syllabus and percentages are differing.  If the Industries consider only the %ge based means all universities were not maintaining the same standards.

Question of the Industries is the present day output is not employable. They are unfit to employ.

Final Result is floccinaucinihilipilification- HALF (ENGINEERS /DOCTORS/ GRADUATES). What this Half Knowledge people will do? We have to think.

The Research work should not be limited only to get the certificates or to fulfill the formalities of Universities and academia or funding from the agencies.  Research should focus on the existing problems and the problems arising in the future i.e. for next generations also. Researchers by putting a lot of efforts will contribute to the Institutions in the form of Paper presentations, Case Studies, Books etc.; but the main question is “Is Research work  reaching to the right persons and providing the solutions for the problems?”.

If the managements not cautious of the quality, if the UGC doesn’t take the serious controlling steps (not on paper), If the faculties not teaching beyond the syllabus, if the students are joining the institutions only for getting jobs rather than knowledge oriented in the future education will be only examination and degrees.

The Research work should not become the showcase piece. This AIIJRM tries to bring all of them under one roof to provide the solutions. After publication of manuscripts, if the manuscript contains valuable message then AIIJRM will try to send to the policy makers, Government, Industries etc., let the intellects become solution providers.  So Let us work together for better society. Let us do Reforms through Research. Let the Research should become the applied Research. It is the responsibility of everyone to shape the isolated intellects into one forum to save the globe.  Let us invest our Intellectuals to make reforms to create concepts. Concept of Research and Education should be changed.  This is only possible by you because you are intellect. 

Indeed! All are doing good job but still we can do a lot. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of an intelligent effort and continual improvement. I heartily welcome your advice, suggestions, criticism, ideas to shape this budding concept. Aano bhadraa krathavo yanthu viswathaha” - "Let the noble thoughts come to all from all directions". Thank you. Let your intellect enlightens the Globe. Let your Research be Global search– An Ultimate search of Truth.


With warm Regards,

Prof. Shekhara Gowd Mitta,                                                                                       

Founder & Managing Editor,

Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management,                      

Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.

Department of MBA, Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur, Karnataka State, India.


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