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(Dear Reader! Opinions expressed in this site are general.  They do not belong to a particular person/ entity/ country/ university/ management/ Government/ Institution or not claiming that everything is bad or good; wherever the systems not at place but thorough research we can modify our systems. Ignore the views if found them irrelevant. Your suggestions/ advises are always welcome. This is a platform for finding the solutions for burning issues with collective ideas and ideologies.)

Education Business:

     Invest to get the higher positions to get the higher returns, Invest to get the higher degrees by any method, but later on higher returns; it is happening and also it is continuing, and knows to everyone, talks everyone frames the policies but where is the implementation? Just only on cooked Papers. Is it not the truth? Corruption is ruling the intellects, scholars, and merit students. Our Foundations of Education is losing quality day by day.

It is no doubt that India is a land of Saints, Philanthropists & thinkers.  Indian brains are evident for innovations but to what extent? And to whom these brains are working? Is our thinker’s thoughts are implementing? If someone raises the voices then those voices would be closed by using all their tactics.  Now and then good speeches from the top people, but speeches are ending as speeches only, no implementations.

According to UNESCO report 25% Teacher absenteeism whereas Global average of Teacher absenteeism is 20%, Politics in Teacher appointments, no uniform policies, private tutoring practices, cheating in examinations and the fees for manipulating entrance tests ranges between $ 80 to $ 20,000 for popular programmes.

As per the words of Dr. M Anandakrishnan, Chairman, Board of Governors of IIT Kanpur; “It is open secret in some states that the ministers demand from the persons in the panel to shell out a few crores to be appointed as V-C. Currently, in one state the amount ranges from Rs. 5 crore for smaller universities to Rs.50 Crore for large universities with hundreds of affiliated colleges”  in turn this investment will be collected in each and every activity they do.

Corruption in granting aided colleges, in turn the managements will collect from appointments, besides demands of PhD scholars demanding sexual favours, thesis supervisors and examiners extract sizeable sums from the helpless students before final approval. Worthless Institutions obtaining as deemed Universities through bribing.

Now the running race between Managements, Principals, Lecturers and Consultants is going on to correct the systems thru the mandatory accreditation process. Again these processes also cooked documents.  So, What is the   next?

 Still a lot of hopes are there, still good Ministers, Vice Chancellors, Academicians, Philosophers, Managements, Principals are there in our country. Policies are good at the same time loopholes were high. Finding the loopholes and closing them one by one will lead to good Education system.

            The regulatory authorities know all these problems and hope that these problems will tackle wisely, tactfully. Research is the utmost answer for all these questions.

Corruption, Political interference, dilution of the Education by distance education, autonomous & deemed Universities, Foreigner’s entry in the education, no control over the institutions on higher donations and fees,  lack of Industry Orientation and a lot of factors hindering and spoiling the purpose of the Education. So there is a need of thorough research to correct the systems.The top Policy Makers also should create the platform to collect the inputs from all sides to understand the pros and cons of our Education System and also the Global Education Systems and other country’s education System. Policies should not make as per the convenience of Policy makers, and implementation without Political interference will lead to the success of the purpose of the Education.

So Let us correct our systems ourselves! To provide the solution in this regard kindly go through our website www.acmeintellects.org, in the column Call for Education Reforms- The need of the hour, have explained in detail for further action of our Group. Kindly share your noble ideas and knowledge to correct our systems collectively.


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