I.                Editorial               Jan 2015                       Vol 9  No.9

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A Letter to World Leaders & Every Human Being

“You are not only responsible for what you say but also for what you do not say.”

- Martin Luther

When death is so certain, it is better to die for a good cause”

- Swamy Vivekananda

Kind Attn: 

1. Honorable Mr. Barack Obama , President, USA.

2. Honorable Mr. Narendra Modiji , Prime Minister, India.

3. Honorable Mr. Roberto Azevêdo ,  Director-General, WTO. & All Officers.

4. Officers of  UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, UNCTAD, ILO, IBRD, IMF & Other world bodies…

Sub: Request to curb Terrorism

Greetings and Welcome to India- Honorable Barack Obama!

Greetings to Honorable Narendra Modiji!


       Salutations to Great Men of the world.

At the outset, on behalf of the World, Board of advisers, Reviewers, Mentors, Authors & Readers of our journal, we congratulate both of you for laudable strategic management. Now it is the time to save the mankind from disaster of all nature including cultural invasions and terrorism. Hope the Almighty showers all the blessings in making this endeavor most successful.

       We appreciate the action oriented policies that you are implementing. Your global thinking and altruism for the sake of mankind in an equitable manner is winning the hearts of billions across the globe. Your farsightedness and commitments are making the sustainable strides in the global socio political and economic environment. We hope that the same conducive environment sustains for centuries to come.

       Terrorism in all it’s shapes is gaining new geo-political dimensions. It is right time now on the part of world leaders like you to take your oath in putting an end to this menace. We the intellects of Acme and thousands of admirers are supporting your noble cause with much pleasure.

       We would like to offer following concrete suggestions for your kind perusal at this juncture.

       Firstly, we would like to draw your kind attention towards Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management, which in wholesome need to be adopted in spearheading action against terrorism.  In this regard world leaders of the top order may think of establishing a common platform like NATO which specializes in combating terrorism.

       Secondly, we request you to develop a new universal social order where world citizenship concept (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam) emerges.  Let the people across the world shun all differences- religion, region, nation, creed, color, sex, economy etc.,

       Thirdly, kindly consider to accord sanctions- political and diplomatic,against those countries that support terrorism.

     Fourthly, the present younger generation needs to be groomed in an environment which is insulated from all the bias.  Therefore, Education system across the globe need to be standardized with ethics part given due share at different levels.

      Fifthly, these are the days of media revolution; hence we expect the leaders of higher order to re-engineer the contents and the mode of the delivery of services in the media for the betterment of interest of mankind.

       Thanking you.


With warm regards,


Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.

& Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur.


Dr. Suresha K.V,

Associate Professor ,

PG Dept. of Commerce,

JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science,

Ooty road, Mysore,  Karnataka State, India.