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An earnest appeal to world leaders to setup UNCYM, Central Yoga Universities etc.,

By Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, Prof. Suresha K.V., Prof. Glen T. Martin, 

Prof. Earanna. S  & Acme Intellects

"Vasudaiva Kutumbakam- “The whole world is one single family”

(View all appealed points in the global perspectives and apply as per local needs. Ideas expressed mentioned in this editorial are inclusive but not exhaustive.) 

Kind Attn:

H.E. Mr. Sam Kahamba Kutesa, The President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Hon. Ban Ki­moon, UN Secretary­General.

Hon. Sri Narendra Modiji, Prime Minister of India.

Hon. Sri Barack Obama, President, USA.

Hon. Asoke Kumar Mukerji, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations. 


1.  To setup United National Council for Yoga & Meditation (UNCYM) on the lines of UNESCO/WHO etc.

2.  To appoint trained yoga guru in every Prison/Police Station.

3.  To establish Retreat Centers.

4.  To establish Central Yoga Universities.

5.  To establish Local/ Provincial Government wise Yoga Centers.

6.  To implement Right to Yoga like Right to Education. 

7.  To frame modalities for Students, Bureaucrats, Government and Organized Non-Government Sector, Unorganized Sector, Business men, Professionals and Vocationalists, Elected representatives, Politicians and Political workers, House wives and other dependent persons. 

 Dear World leaders,

Warm Greetings and Congratulations!

At the outset, we place it on record our rich encomiums and appreciations   for your concerted efforts in introducing the art and science of yoga into the realm of international level.  We treat this event as shining example that India is a leading and most happening country in the world. We express our sincere thanks to all the global leaders for recognizing Yoga as a force to reckon with.

Congratulations to Sri Narendra Modiji, a great visionary of contemporary India who is striving to propel India on to the world stage by spearheading the program of popularizing ancient Indian Yoga at the Global level.  Indeed, the observation of International Yoga day has elevated the status of India at the global level as a place of origin of the great yoga which is the way of life for self-purification of body, mind & soul besides emitting positive vibes to the environment. 

The effort to bring spiritual transformation to humanity through yoga must be inseparable from the movement to change the fragmented and destructive systems of our planet to peace, justice, and sustainability systems. Yoga alone, without system change, will not address humanity’s endangered future.  We need to federate the nations of the world, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, and establish a global economic system that is friendly to the environment and that eliminates the terrible poverty of 60% of humanity.  

The effort to bring spiritual maturity to humanity through yoga and similar initiatives must be complemented, therefore, with a global effort to ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  We appeal to Prime Minister Sri. Modiji to complement the vision of yoga with the vision of a just and peaceful federated Earth.

Portraying the noble ideas before a large mass is possible only by a person who is unblemished and we have one such person in Narendra Modiji who has successfully steered ahead the mission of globalizing the yoga.

         Our beloved Prime Minister has given just a beginning to this noble task which has miles to go.

Our Prime Minister has proved it beyond an iota of doubt that unassailable tasks can be achieved through strong will power and concerted actions. As a testimony to this, equally remarkable achievements like JandhanYojana, Harmonization of International trade and political relations, legal reforms, streamlining of the administration, curbing the black money menace, buoyancy in Anti-Terrorism activities and spearheading the Yoga stand stout. All the above mentioned programs have nevertheless, added a feather on cap of every Indian.

These innovative programs need to be understood as pointers and stepping-stones on the way to global democracy and a federated Earth in which a world parliament legislates equitable laws for all people and nations to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, create global economic democracy, and protect our planetary environment.

 As for Yoga program, there are certain points to be pondered over, as to make it more meaningful and effective. Yoga program shall be ultimately interwoven in the life system of each and every person in the world. A good start has already been made in this direction. To make it sustainable and all comprehensive and pervasive, there is an imperative need to steer ahead the yoga program in an inclusive manner. All sections of the people including Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations, Organized and unorganized sectors, Students, housewives and other dependent persons shall be effectively involved in this program.  The following modalities are strongly suggested.


An appeal to the Governments of Worlds

To setup United Nations Council for Yoga & Meditation (UNCYM) in the lines of UNESCO, WHO etc.,:

It is the earnest desire of editorial board to requisition the UNO and world leader at large in designing and developing the flexible yoga program customized to different target groups as identified above.  Programs devised by the UNO invariably uphold the integrity of the world as a single community with secularism and socialism.

The meditation concept may be cautiously viewed and enchanting of songs, mantras, shlokas may be avoided when the situations warrant, but the yoga must be practiced by all irrespective caste, creed, religion, language, region, color, sex or any other mundane classification.

The proposed UNCYM shall have organization structure equivalent to UNESCO/WHO.  The UNCYM shall promote its standards, norms and conditions applicable to all those member nations and other agencies conducting yoga training and yoga classes. 

 Further the UNCYM shall work out the modalities for conducting programs for promoting Yoga and Meditation which can purify the human minds, thus leading to creation of one world community. There may be accreditation and certification for Universtities and Institutions imparting Yoga and Meditation. 

Every Prison/Police Station should have a qualified trained yoga guru:

Every saint has the past and every criminal has the future. In every Prison / Police Station there should be a qualified trained yoga guru.  In all police stations, there should be yoga trained police personnel to transform the mind from evil to good.  They should teach morals & ethics. They should brain wash the accused ones with the yoga, spirituality, meditation, preachings, prophecies etc., Moral stories drawn from all epic religious books should be taught.  There should be separate schools for degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in Yoga which standardized and formalize the yoga practice and preaching. 

Establishment of Retreat Centers:

There should be exclusive retreat centers for Orphans, Urchins, vegabonds, ragpickers who are becoming the future terrorists/ criminals.  The restless unemployed educated and uneducated unemployed people are found to be curse at large. These people should be taken into consideration and trained to bring into main stream and help them further to earn their livelihood with the proper advising and helping system. Yoga centers can aptly become retreat centers for these people. 

Establishment of Central Yoga Universities:

Governments of the worlds should take an initiation in the establishment of the Central Yoga University and affiliations should be given to all the states for their respective countries. Framing of the courses, syllabus, and certification should be given the global perspectives with local needs.  The syllabi of this university should promote spirituality and harmony as well as study of the Earth Constitution and institutionalized ways that structural and spiritual change can complement one another.

The Central Yoga Universities should be based on edifice of philosophies drawn from major religions without hurting the religious sentiments of people at any corner of the globe.  Such philosophies should be blended with ancient yoga to make such university more meaningful and sustainable in the long run in the betterment of humanity.

In this regard Government of India under able leadership of Mr. Narendra Modiji should organize “Global Yoga Summit” inviting saints and savants of all countries and churn out the best outcome towards formation of Central Yoga University and other global decisions for the betterment of humanity.

The proposed central yoga university may work under affiliation system where all yoga centers in the respective country under the regulations of this university. 

Establishment local/ provincial Government wise Yoga Centers:

Every local/ provincial Government should add Ayurveda/ Unani and Yoga to the primary health care centers. Such centers should take lead to conduct the camps on regular basis to the needy and train them to become purified persons. 

Right to Yoga like Right to Education:

Like Right to Education, there is a need of Right to Yoga.  There is a need of Yoga Movement; Spiritual movement should bring reforms in the minds of the people globally. Yoga teaches beyond IQ(Intelligent Quotient) and SQ(Spiritual Quotient). 

Modalities for Students:

“That which will not bend as a sapling, will it bend as a tree?” !! .  Therefore elderly citizen cannot reorient their minds easily.  A well thought out graduated scheme of yoga program need to be introduced compulsorily, stage by stage right from primary school to Doctoral level.  While preliminaries of yoga are taught and practiced at nascent stage, the advance levels of yoga may be included in higher stages. Examinations may be conducted and certificates issued at the advanced stages.

There may be United National Council for Yoga and Meditation (UNCYM) shall come out with clear cut modalities entwining yoga in the formal education system.

          Further it is suggestible to include compulsory component of yoga and meditation in the mass drill programs conducted by the primary, middle and high schools. Yoga through meditation may be included as a compulsory component in the higher education system also. 

 Modalities for Bureaucrats:

 The pulls and pressure of the job makes it difficult for the bureaucrats in keeping balance among mind, body and soul.  For them practicing yoga at office either at the beginning or at the interval time, for few minutes certainly purify their mind and soul. Governments may mull over the idea of allotting a slot of 5 or 10 minutes for yoga and meditation in the workplace. 

Modalities for other workers in the Government and Organized Non-Government Sector:

        These people may be insisted to practice yoga in the common platform provided at the work place.  The common platform may be the prayer hall / auditorium / playground / quadrangle or the exact place where they work. There may be a common time allotted for this purpose.  Here also blending asanas with meditation certainly help synchronization of mind, body and soul.  While meditating care may be taken not to incite the religious feelings of the fellow meditators.  

          Modalities for Unorganized Sector:

           A daunting talk is ahead with regard to cajoling workers in unorganized sector for practicing yoga.   Therefore, it is suggestible to persuade employers firstly to provide an opportunity to all their workers in practicing yoga at work place under convenient terms. Further workers shall be educated about the usefulness of yoga and they shall be made to practice yoga with meditation under flexible norms. Here the role of educators shall not only to be  played by the Government & Government sponsored agencies but also by the NGOs and employers.  In fact NGOs and Employers have an edge over the former group in motivating these workers. 

Modalities for Business men, Professionals and Vocationalists:

           This group of people is quite unique because it includes people who work as employers and employees simultaneously.   Further, they would have larger number of employees under their fold.  They may be advised to practice yoga at the work place personally besides encouraging other workers in the practice of yoga.  They may allocate a proper time for yoga with meditation at the work place.  Besides this they are advised to sponsor or conduct the yoga classes for the benefit of larger section of the society. 

Modalities for Elected representatives, Politicians and Political workers:

  This group has the catalyst role in transforming the nations into advanced stages of socio- economic development through their direct involvement with the society.  They are the ones who know all the subtle issues in micro levels of the society.  They can spearhead this yoga program very successfully by organizing yoga camps besides they themselves practicing yoga through public demonstrations. They should play the pivotal role in this regard and should constitute themselves as role model compromising their political affiliation to people

This group can transform the separate communities of the world into one single world community where peace and harmony prevails with no militaries on the part of any country.

Modalities for House wives and other dependent persons:

           The suggestible norm for this group is practice of yoga under flexible terms at their respective places of residence.  Meditation is strongly advice to them.

          All Modalities to integrate the spiritual and the structural dimensions:

          Liberation of human beings into a decent world system requires both spiritual transformation promoted through yoga and structural transformation from a world of militarized nation-states dominated by an undemocratic and oligarchic economic system to a federated world represented by a world parliament in which a peace, justice, and sustainability system can be integrated with spiritual illumination under a common Earth Constitution. 

Thanking you.

With warm regards, 

Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.
& Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur, Karnataka State, India.

Dr. Suresha K.V.,

Associate Professor of Commerce,

JSS College of Arts, Commerce & Science(Autonomous),

Ooty Road, Mysore, Karnataka State, India. 

Prof. Glen T. Martin

President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)www.worldparliament-gov.org

President, Institute on World Problems (IOWP) www.worldproblems.net

Professor, Philosophy and Peace Studies, Radford University www.radford.edu/gmartin  

Laureate, GUSI Peace Prize International

Prof. Earanna. S,

Associate Professor, S.S.R.G. Womens College,  Raichur, Karnataka State, India. 


and Acme Intellects Group