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Request to form World Agriculture Organisation (WAO)

An earnest appeal to world leaders to form World Irrigation Summit, World Waste Management Summit, World Agriculture Summit. Etc.,

World Irrigation Revolution (WIR)

World Waste Management Revolution (WWMR)


By Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, Prof. Earanna. S  & Prof. Suresha K.V., 

& Acme Intellects

"Vasudaiva Kutumbakam- “The whole world is one single family”

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.- Mahatma Gandhi

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.- Buddha

Health is not valued till sickness comes.- Thomas Fuller

(View all appealed points in the global perspectives and apply as per local needs. Ideas expressed mentioned in this editorial are inclusive but not exhaustive.)  

Agriculture Reforms / New Modalities- The need of the Hour.- A Profile 

There is only need of Irrigation, Good Market Price & Uninterrupted Power supply.

Kind Attn:

Hon. Jose Graziano da Silva,  Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Hon. Roberto Azevedo, Director-General, WTO.

Hon. Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General,WHO.

H.E. Mr. Sam Kahamba Kutesa, The President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Hon. Ban Ki­moon, UN Secretary­General.

Hon. Sri Narendra Modiji, Prime Minister of India.

Hon. Sri Barack Obama, President, USA. 

Sub: Request to form World Agriculture Organisation (WAO) 

Dear World Leaders, 


Global Model

         Irrespective of national boundaries across the world Irrigation, Market & power supply are the basic elements for success in agriculture. The world as a single community need to harmonize socio economic issues for which understanding the problems in the agriculture sector becomes a predominant issue. Those countries which are facing inherent problems in the agriculture sector can interact with advanced nations on a suitable platform. Sharing the technology and other related knowledge on Irrigation, Market & Power supply are the imperative needs for making the world agriculture a buoyant one.  

There is an urgent need to have world standards of Agriculture, Pesticides, Fertilizers, composts, Seeds, Chemicals, because no country should produce or practice such things which are hazardous to livestock, mankind and Environment.  Every country should abide by the rules framed by World Agriculture Organization.  The produce of one country is food for other country. Hence there is a lot of interdependency of Agriculture produce and Climate impact on the world.  It is high time to go for rain water harvesting during monsoon season for effective management of water.

At this juncture, it is expected that world leaders would pitch in erecting to a suitable platform where these issues are specifically addressed.   There is a stressed need to have micro and macro approaches in remedying these problems. 

 Indian Model

 If you offer a fish you may satisfy a day’s needs, If you teach the art of catching fish, you may provide permanent solution.

Indian farmers born in debts, live in debts and die in debts-Captive borrowers. Why this paradox?

            If the U.S. became the undisputed superpower that it is today, it was primarily because of its technology, whether it is in transportation, agriculture, high-tech industry, medicine, etc.

-          N. R. Narayana Murthy

            In the Illinois State Capitol, in Springfield, farmer-legislators write the agriculture laws.

 - Bill Dedman

1.        Proper Irrigation  facilities

·                     Research Group: Irrigation Revolution should happen through Government by establishing the Research group comprising of different domains of Agriculture, Technology & Science. All countries in the world shall unite in revamping the agriculture sector across the globe. The micro approach from village to the macro approach to the world level shall be by the research group to diagnose the problems plaguing the agriculture sector and to suggest palatable solutions.

·                     Public fund raising: The Government shall strive to harness water resources in all possible manners.  Linking the rivers, Ground water recharge, up keeping of channel irrigation system without wastage of water and sustainable farming in arid zone may be accorded prime importance for which purpose special funds like National Agriculture Development Fund (NADF) may be formed, contributions to which may be solicited from public by offering tax incentives.  The Governments mull over the idea of issuing National Agricultural Development Bonds specially to finance these schemes.

·                     Every Village shall have a lake: Till recently almost every village in southern India had a lake where sufficient water could be stored for irrigation and drinking for livestock. With the expansion of cultivable land and residential areas some of the lakes have been encroached upon.  It is the high time restoring these lakes by evacuating encroachment and recharging these lakes with rain water and through lift irrigation from nearby rivers. Villagers shall be taught with the basic lessons of optimal use of stored water and conservation of excess of rain water in small tanks in their own farm lands. 

2.        Uninterrupted Power supply:

·         There is no proper power supply to the Villages for farming.  The unusual timings of power supply and that too for very short time during the odd hours which affects the farmer’s community.


·                     As Agriculture is the primary sector, it should be given the first preference by the Government. 

·                     Solar based power generation units have to be established or else Government should provide solar based power generation units for power supply at the low cost.

·                     Bio-power awareness, required machines to be supplied for solving the power problem.

·                     Establishment of wind mills on large scale basis to harness the natural power of wind.

   3.  Market for Agricultural Produce

Inspite of organized regulated agriculture markets even today farmers are not benefiting. Existence of such markets is found only in theory not in practices. Practically, the middlemen & money lenders are ruling the roost of agriculture markets. All the organized regulated markets function indirectly for the benefit of middlemen by exploiting the distress of farmers.

·         To solve all these problems Government machinery functioning in regulated markets should be activated keeping in mind the interest of farmers.

·         Like Industrial products, Agriculture produce online price fixation is required, so that the farmer can plan their crop well in advance.

·         For agriculture produce, the Government should become the primary buyer and through Government it has to reach all other channels.

·         The Government should have buy back arrangements with the farmers. 

4.        Minimum Capital support.

Ø    Every Industry needs Capital and Agriculture is not an exception for that mundane rule. After fixation of the crop with the Government Agencies, the Government should provide seed capital through banks depending upon type of crop. Such capital should be provided phase wise like in any other Industry. Government should provide financial assistance to farmers through Banks and Agencies appointed by Government.  It should be hassle free. Banks should replace money lenders through micro financing. Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP) Model may be emulated by the Government across the globe.


   5.  Proper Nourishment of Agriculture Lands

·         The farmers have to be trained through the Government Agencies for replacing chemical manures & fertilizers with organic solutions.

·         Government should take initiation in establishing Small Organic Units which converts all the available wastage by collecting and by giving the suitable price, finally each village should give the output in various formats like bio gas, fertilizers, manures, composts etc., i.e. Waste Management Revolution. 

6.        Sizable Land Holdings:

·         Fragmented land is not suitable for scientific cultivation.  Therefore Government can think seriously about consolidation of land holdings through appropriate land reformation laws.

Land Reforms (amendment) Act for this as follows:

·         Government should make the land in sizable Units like 2 Hectares i.e. in scientific model after discussion with the Agriculture scientists. When there is a need for division, minimum land holding for scientific cultivation as suggested by agriculture scientists should be taken into account. Co-operative farming model may aptly adopt to address the problems of subdivision and fragmentation like Anna Hazare’s village “A model Indian village- Ralegaon Siddhi”.


7.        Superior Quality Seeds

·         Several villages are complaining about non sprouting of seeds and some of the hybrid variety crops do not give expected yield.  Concomitantly the farmers are in distress.  At this juncture, the Government may consider the strict regulations of production and sale of seeds.  Proper penalty may be levied on the producers and dealers of defectful seeds.  Whatever the producers claim about sprouting of seeds it remains in theory only. There should be a task force exclusively for the implementation of policies and programs chalked out by the Government with regard to production and sale of seeds. 

8.        Mechanization through Government Involvement

·         As Small land holders are high, it is not affordable to the farmers to mechanize and to apply the advance technology for farming.  So, the Government should take lead in this regard to mechanize by supplying the machines, technology and all related knowledge at affordable cost. The Government may collect such costs even after harvests from farmers.

·         Even the sizable land holders are not in a position to mechanize, just because of financial constraints. 

9.        Soil erosion controlling measures

·         Government should have macro idea for controlling soil erosion, and has to sketch properly where exactly erosion is happening and control by constructing proper bunds and trenches.

·         They should be encouraged to grow the commercial or Ayurveda trees.

·         Rain water harvesting in the urban areas and ground water recharge in the rural areas shall be accorded prime importance by the policy makers for soil conservation as well as maintenance of ground water table.

10.      Construction of Warehouse including cold storages at the village / hobli level.

·         Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), The Food Corporation of India (F.C.I) and other related Government agencies sit together to construct the warehouses / cold storages on need basis at village / hobli level.  Government agencies should virtually move from village to village to identify the needs for construction of warehouse and construct such facilities.

11.      Comprehensive Transportation facilities

As India is the land of villages and approximately 60% people live in rural areas. They need all season motorable roads connecting primary and secondary markets.

12.      Establishment of Agro supporting Industries

·         Agri based Industries

·         Solar Industries- Power problem can be solved

·         Dairy farming- Organic Manure problem can be solved.

·         Poultry farming- Organic Manure problem can be solved.

·         Fishery, piggery etc.,

13.      Farmer’s Friendly Banking Systems

·         Micro financing

·         SHG’s establishment

·         Postal Bank

·         Banking of Aristocrat style to farmers friendly  banks

14.              Establishment of Agro Information Exchange Cell (AIEC)

·         The farmers are unaware of the Government Schemes or the schemes given at the odd times which make farmers to leave their day’s work and have to move around the Government offices to avail the benefits of schemes.

·         This Agro Information Exchange Cell should forward the farmers problems to the Government and also solutions. This AIEC has to cross check the realities.

·         AIEC should have the involvement of nominated farmers.

15.      Establishment of Exclusive AIC (Agro Insurance Corporation) like LIC in India and in the world like World Agricultural Insurance Laws.

·         The Government of India should form the new Agro Insurance Corporation exclusively to deal with the Agro problems on the lines of LIC and also should have the nominated members of farming community and ministry to churn out suitable agro policies.

·         This AIC should be formed by understanding the world rich produce agriculture policies.

·         To bring out the best Agro Insurance policies, let there be global summit to exchange views.


Thanking you.

With warm regards, 

Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.
& Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur,

Karnataka State, India. 

Prof. Earanna. S,

Associate Professor, S.S.R.G. Womens College,  Raichur, Karnataka State, India. 

Dr. Suresha K.V.,

Associate Professor of Commerce,

JSS College of Arts, Commerce & Science(Autonomous),

Ooty Road, Mysore, Karnataka State, India. 

and Acme Intellects Group