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Rescue Venezuela from great fall and not allow the crisis to

replicate elsewhere- A call to World leaders.

By Prof. Suresha K.V, Prof. Earanna. S  & Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta.

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”- Thomas Jefferson

"Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata, yatraitaastu na pujyante sarvaastatrafalaah kriyaah". which means Women are honored where, divinity blossoms there, and where women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble remain unfruitful. - Manusmrti from India

Agriculture & Culture should have the balanced growth in every country, lest loose the independence and dependence- Acme Intellects, India.

 (View all appealed points in the global perspectives and apply as per local needs. Ideas expressed mentioned in this editorial are inclusive but not exhaustive.)   

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Sub: Rescue Venezuela from great fall and not allow the crisis to replicate elsewhere- A call to World leaders.

Dear World Leaders, 


Venezuela crisis is well known to all.  It is a high time in remedying the problem rather than finding fault with the persons who have steered economy and politics of this Latin American Country.   The deep crises of food shortage, power shortage, unfavorable foreign debts, demoralized populace, political power struggle, spiraling prices as the index of hyperinflation and deeply agonized citizens need to be addressed properly by the world communities as if we are all universal citizens.  When greater socialist countries disintegrated, a small nation like Venezuela continued socialism only to destine its people towards a gloomy end.  Probably lack of economic advises, farsightedness of political administrators and the hangover of the majority of the Venezuelans in the fashion industry must have significant contribution to the present economic crisis.  The world community need to nourish the disturbed minds of Venezuelans as the top priority in their global agenda and there after shall lend all out support to tie up the loose ends of the economic policies of the nation.  Perhaps there is a stressed need on the part of this country to have a metamorphosis from socialism to capitalism.

The onus of rescuing Venezuela from the great fall is in the hands of world leaders.  The following concrete steps may be initiated by the world leaders in this noble endeavor.

External aid: There is acute shortage of food besides deteriorated health care and steep decline in the power generation and supply due to scant rain fall.  At this juncture there shall be no second thought on the part of world leaders than pitching in with the operations of rescuing the Venezuelans from starvation & death.  Besides these, they need basic infrastructure of power, reinforced administrative machinery and business services.  The developed nations across the globe shall manifest their magnanimity by ignoring their self-centered attitude through liberally contributing for the cause of Venezuelans as the matter of service to mankind.  Supply of food, medicine, economical and technical advice, financial aid, supply of power by the neighborhood nations are the need of the hour. These services may be extended as interim relief to tide over the present crisis.

          For the long run revival of the Venezuelan economy the following initiatives are suggestible.  The world community may prevail upon the political administrators through moral suasion or through putting hinges while extending aid.

Internal re-engineering of society and economy: The political system in Venezuela as reported in the media is chaotic.  The judicial reforms made by incumbent rulers have made them stronger so that political rivals cannot topple them easily.  The political leaders with a bunch of sycophants around are lacking with farsightedness and they are on the saddle of the unbridled horse running towards the dead end with blind folded Jockeys. It is at this juncture, one can suggest a healthy upsurge in the communities who are committed of renaissance.  Re-engineering the societal norms, remodeling the economic structure combined with palatable changes in the support elements like law and politics would certainly usher in new waves for the reemergence of a new Venezuela from the grip of crisis. The excessive prominence given to fashion industry, unnecessary glorification of women’s beauty, negligence of other human occupations like agriculture, improper rain water management, negligence towards higher education, dependency on single sector of oil extraction need to be seriously pondered over with.  Of course these suggested models require long run strategies.  Naturally strong resistances from the communities are expected.  It is up to the world community and right minded national leaders of Venezuela to convince the people for structural reforms.

          Liberalizing the economy with private licensing, allowing FDI inflows under liberalized conditions ensure revival of Venezuelan economy.  There after Venezuela is likely to have an apparent transition from socialism to capitalism.

          It is the high time for Venezuelans to come together and work for phoenix success of their devastated economy like the history of Japan.

Reiterating the words to the world leaders are again called upon to liberally contribute their might towards the resurrection of Venezuela.

            Thanking you.

With warm regards, 

Prof. Suresha K.V.,

Associate Professor & Principal,  JSS College for Women, Saraswathipuram, Mysore, Karnataka State, India.

Prof. Earanna. S,

Associate Professor, S.S.R.G. Womens College, Raichur, Karnataka State, India. &

Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.
& Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur, Karnataka State, India.