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Hon. Sri Narendra Modiji, Prime Minister of India.

Hon. Sri Prakash Javadekar, Minister of HRD

Hon. Sri Manoj Sinha, Minister of Telecom


Respected Leaders,



Mobiles & School Children in Indian Scenario

Present Schooling system in India mixed with the participation of Government & Private sectors. There is a huge void in terms of facilities, financial aids, books, libraries, modern technology, teachers & managements comparatively between the two. Nowadays due to rapid technological development in Digitalization, there is a positive and negative impacts on the usage of mobiles.

The Facts mentioned below are found pervasive everywhere on the basis of surveys reports and observations.  However, for this Indian Educational system is not an exception.



·         French Government banned using mobile phones in the country’s primary, junior and middle schools. Children will be allowed to bring their phones to school, but not allowed to get them out at any time until they leave, even during breaks.  A proposed ban was included in Emmanuel Macron’s  successful presidential  campaign.

·         Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French education minister, said the measure would come into effect from the start of the next school year in September 2018. It will apply to all pupils from the time they start school at age of six – up to about 15 when they start secondary school.

·         The minister said the ban was also a “public health message to families”, adding: “It’s good that children are not too often, or even at all, in front of a screen before the age of seven.”

·         Jamie Doward, (May 2015), in his article “Schools that ban mobile phones see better academic results”

·         Effect of ban on phones adds up to equivalent of extra week of classes over a pupil’s school year.

·         The effect of banning mobile phones from school premises adds up to the equivalent of an extra week’s schooling over a pupil’s academic year, according to research by Louis-Philippe Beland and Richard Murphy, published by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

·         New York mayor Bill de Blasio has lifted a 10-year ban on phones on school premises, with the city’s chancellor of schools stating that it would reduce inequality.

·         The economists write. “Modern technology is used in the classroom to engage students and improve performance. There are, however, potential drawbacks as well, as they could lead to distractions.”

·         Phones shouldn't be allowed to be used during school time at all. School schedule is to learn during lessons and play during intervals. Mobile phone would add to the list of causes of disruptions.

·         Mobiles would be used inappropriately in the immature hands of a child eg video taking of lessons

·         By giving mobiles to children, you create peer pressure for all the other children to own them too. They will turn to their parents and pester them for phones just like their friends own, and this causes pressure on parents to buy the latest, most flashiest phones that are prone to loss or damage, just to keep up with childrens' friends.

·         Phone safety for kids: For most parents, the biggest worry about letting their child have a phone is that they’ll be able to access the internet, potentially putting themselves at risk. As well as putting parental controls on both their phone and your WiFi network, which will restrict the content they can use, there are a number of apps you can download to help keep them safe. These include trackers, which use GPS to tell you where your child is, apps that keep a record of their text messages, and apps that tell you if they’ve tried to access a restricted site.


However, in India no concrete efforts are made by any agency to find out ill effects of mobiles on school children in particular.

Impact of mobiles on the students of age group of below 15 years.

Invention and introduction of mobile globally is worth appreciating.     However, the following are the noteworthy impacts found prevalent.

·         Increasing Inequality: Mobile has become necessity even in Indian context.  However in schools it has led to inequality among students slowly.

·         Irrelevant information of Teaching Aids: The mobile as a teaching tool particularly of audio and vedio, is not more effective compare to the personal touch of a teacher. Even the information uploaded is not authenticated in conformity with prescribed academic curriculum.

·         Unwanted sites visit: The inquisitive quality of the age may tempt the students to visit the on going popus while searching the subject sites.

·         Games Addict: Increasing game addiction like blue whales, Horror games, Spider man and a lot leads to the distraction of the studies.

·         Health Loss: It leads to Health loss, Memory loss, No appetite,  Migraine,  Increase in eye sights, loneliness, hearing impairment and No social and cultural behavior. By usage of mobile and systems students loss of appetite towards reading and writing.

·         Academic Loss: Due to more attachment to mobile, the students not spending time on the studies which leads to decrease in academic achievement.


Both the Central and State Governments should take the unanimous decision on policy matters by considering the following recommendations.

·         Each Schools should adopt mobile jammers to prevent calls, messages, media etc., during school hours. 

·         The Teacher should also create the awareness on the part of the student about the Mobile unwanted usage and it’s impact.

·         The health of the students should be envisioned by banning Mobile based Education apps.

·         Digital aids should be avoided or minimized

·         Teaching in nature is to be encouraged

·         Home work through Digital mode should be restricted.  Instead of that the students should spend more time in Library, reading News Papers etc.,

To the Parent

·         Should not give the mobile to the children below age of 15 years other than phone calls.

·         Internet control, child locks should be adopted

·         Should spend more time with their children by taking them for outings.



       Today’s children are Tomorrow’s future. Accessable to Technology is good, however too much use particularly by the children is devastating.  Hence it is dired need to frame necessary policies to control the mobile and internet usage by children.

          We, on behalf of our journal urge your majesty to take the necessary action immediately to save the children.  As other countries research is evident for us, it is good to take the decision now only in the form of preventive measures.

With warm regards,


Prof. Earanna. S,

Associate Professor, B.R.B.College of Commerce, Raichur, Karnataka State,


Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.

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