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An earnest appeal for “Establishiment of the World Research Institute on Panchabutas: (WRIP)”- 2nd Reminder by Prof. Mitta Sekhara Gowd & Prof. Earanna.S 

We are the first generation to be able to end poverty, and the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  Future generations will judge us harshly if we fail to uphold our moral and historical responsibilities.  - Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

 The present worst situation of world disorders is the past Karmas(works) of all collectively and individually. The future of the world also depends on our works only.- Prof. Mitta Sekhara Gowd

 Balance the Panchabutas to balance the Nature- Requested to Establish the World Research Institute on Panchabutas: (WRIP)-  Prof. Sekhara Gowd Mitta, Prof. Earanna. S  & Prof. Suresha K.V.,

Kind Attn: H.E Hon. Members & Leaders of World Groups WTO, WHO, UN, NATO, BRICS, Nuclear Security Summit,G7, G8, G20, BRICS, SAARC, ASEAN, IBSA, APEC, OPAC, CHOGM, BIMSTEC, NAM, EU, AU, World Bank and International Monetary Fund etc.,

Dear Hon. Narendra Modiji & World Leaders,

“Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”-the world is one single family which is to be balanced by Panchabhutas.  There is a dire need of integration and understanding the impact and effect at micro and macro level i.e.  activities at villages, towns, metropolitan cities, states even countries level that might effect at different corner of the world. The Climate change is one of the third major challenging threats to the globe for basic necessaries i.e Food, Water and Shelter.  The impact of Climate change may lead to flood or famine leading towards global hunger. To address this challenge a scientific understanding and research, coordinated action at national and global level is required. Dr. R.K. Pachouri, the joint Noble Peace Prize winner of 2007 for the significant contribution in the field of mitigation of climate change, has remarked that climate change has the potential to disrupt peace, stability and security across the world.

 It is high time to prepare a comprehensive and flexible planning at Global level which was discussed in detail in the Editor’s Desk Oct 16 Vol 16 to mitigate the nature’s onslaught fury.


 The resources at Global level have been over exploited to quench the human thrust for mundane money.  India is not an exception to this observation.  The heinous crime committed against nature time and again resulted in the form of torrential rain in Kerala ever occurred in its history and some parts of Karnataka.

Few facts

1.     Temperatures are breaking records around the world

2.    There is no scientific debate about the reality of climate change

3.    Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting

4.    Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,000 years

5.    Climate change will lead to a refugee crisis

6.    We will consume all of Earth's 2017 resources by August

7.    Two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef has been damaged as a result of climate change

8.    The ocean is 26 percent more acidic than before the Industrial Revolution

9.    Global flooding could triple by 2030

10. More greenhouse gases are in our atmosphere than any time in human history

11.  Earth could warm by six degrees this century

Source: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/climate-change-facts

            Hills, Hillocks, Mountains, Forests, Rivers including Oceans are balancing factors of nature.  The slightest interference of human efforts may disturb the fragile balancing mechanism.

 Unity of integration in departments, states and central is required to meet the future problems. The world leaders should unite and understand the following. There should be comprehensive research on increase in pollution, Global warming, renewable energy, Thermal Power, Mining Industry, Storage of Water, Borewells, Rivers Linkage, Construction of dams, Canals, Waste Management, Water Storage on Hills, Nuclear Tests, Ozone layer, Petrol, Diesel, Pollution controlling measurements and a lot of inter related ones.

 Already the world is witnessing the climate change. Hence, It is need of the hour for Establishiment of the World Research Institute on Panchabutas: (WRIP)” by bringing all like minded people at one common platform by constituting global research consortium of World Leaders, World scientists, Research Scholars, Spiritual gurus and the abundant knowledge of Indian Vedas and world knowledge annexed to WHO to balance the Panchabutas i.e Nature.

On Israel Model countries at global level (wherever it is possible) to depend upon converted sea water both for irrigation and domestic purposes to reduce rising sea level of water would be ideal.

The family of Acme Intellects has been contributing time and again ideas for reformation both at micro and macro level.  However some of these have been implemented and also experienced directly or indirectly respecting the ideas of Acme Intellects. It would be highly appreciable incase the ideas expressed are found useful in the peaceful co-existence of human beings at Global level by acknowledging our earnest endeavor.


With Warm Regards,

Prof. Earanna. S, Retd. Associate Professor, B.R.B.College of Commerce, Raichur, Karnataka State, India.

Prof. Mitta Sekhara Gowd, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.

& Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur, Karnataka State, India.  & Acme Intellects Group, Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in  Management, Social Sciences & Technology, Acme Intellects Research Center-  A Wing of Help to Help Charitable Trust®, Kanasu Nilaya, #106, Sogadu Shivanna Layout, Devaraya Pattana, Tumkur- 572 104, Karnataka State, India.

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