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Political Reforms: Need of the Hour

Every Citizen of India should have fear, respect and responsibility towards the Constitution; it is only possible through stringent implementation of Laws with appropriate Punishment.

Ø  Ensuring 100% Voting System through appropriate measures

Ø  To withhold the facilities & benefits to Voters who do not vote.

Ø  Flexible Voting System by adopting digital technology

Ø  Right Contestant and Right Ministerial berth


Dear Political leaders, advisers, reformers, authorities and all irrespective of political affiliations,

Salutations to all!

It is proud to say that India is the largest democracy in the world having the strongest written constitution. Yet increase in animosity among communities owing todifferent  political affiliations, trading unparliamentary words publicly against each other by politicians, unwarranted comments by intellectuals to gain publicity, unwarranted promises to gain political mileage and unethical practices among large number of politicians leading to deterioration of the values of democracy.

Criticism and counter criticism hurled against each other by politicians have become the order of the day and indirectly that also became the business for media to increase their TRP, instead of highlighting positive achievements, strengths & opportunities at large.

Taking cues from the countries where compulsory voting system prevalent like Belgium in 1892, Argentina in 1914 and Australia in 1924. India also should introduce such system at the earliest. A sizable voter population in India in the elections is not exercising the right to vote. Adding woes to this, a huge amount being spent by contestants exceeding specified limits and regular revision electoral list and changes in the allotment of booths in the urban areas has created chaos concomitantly urban educated voters feel like abstaining from going in search of voting booths . Rural voters are succumbing to political pressures and momentary insignificant offerings at the time of elections.

Following points need to be considered while framing and implementing the laws for protecting the democracy and for better political environment in India.

Ensuring 100% Voting System through appropriate measures

Every Voter should vote under flexible system and until the last vote is casted, announcement of results should not be made. It seems to be hilarious job to begin with, however in the long run with political will and conviction it is possible.

To withhold the facilities & benefits to Voters who do not vote.

Naturally people are scared about punishments by the law enforcing authorities and therefore appropriate punitive measures should be incorporated in the laws related to nonvoting like withholding their bounties and benefits. Such punishment should only be deterrent like Carrot and Stick approach.


Flexible Voting System by adopting digital technology

The mobility of the people is found high for employment; majority move from rural to urban and from one state to another. Infact, people who have moved already to cities may return to their native places hardly once or twice in a year not necessarily at the time of voting. Due to job tensions and declining belief in the voting system resulting in many people keeping away from casting their precious votes. Therefore it is high time to adapt flexible voting system taking the advantage of Digital Technology to address nonvoting by introducing appropriate laws.

Right Contestant and Right Ministerial berth

The Political Parties are entitled to field any person of their choice not taking cognizance of interest of people and nation at large.  Therefore it is necessary to begin new political route for traversing with strong political will keeping in mind interest of people and nation while selecting right contestant for any kind of election. Let democracy be practiced in a better way countering cryptic allegation like “Democracy is a form of religion wherein people in general worship unwanted jackals by gullible people”. Though the statement looks hurting but it is not away from the truth. It is necessary in the interest of people in particular and nation at large to allot the elected representative a right ministerial berth based on minimum parameters like ability, qualification in some areas and wisdom. Even elected representatives should be provided with minimum orientation by best parliamentarians irrespective of their political affiliations to ensure political discipline and best practices instilled in them. Anti defection law needs teething power to restrict defection of elected from one party to another to gain political benefits through ugliest horse trading.

          We, on behalf of our Journal humbly request you to consider suggestions given for the benefit of all citizens’ at large, more particularly common man. Let the new beginning be made in the annals of political history of free India.

Yours truly,

With Warm Regards


Yours truly,

With Warm Regards

Prof. Earanna. S, 

Retd. Associate Professor, B.R.B.College of Commerce,

Raichur, Karnataka State, India.

Dr. K.V. Suresha,

Associate Professor & Principal,

JSS College for Women, Saraswathipuram, Mysore, Karnataka State, India.

Dr. Honnanjanaiah D.R.,

Assistant Professor of Political Science,

Government First Grade College, Tiptur, Karnataka, India.


Prof. Mitta Sekhara Gowd, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.

& Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur, Karnataka State, India.  &

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