Journal Themes


The topics include under this as Agricultural Sciences, Banking and Financial Services, Business Communication, Business Ethics, Business Law, Business Marketing, Business Research Methods, Consumer Behaviour, Cyber Topics, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship Development, Financial Management, General Management, General Psychology, Hotel  Management, Human Resource Management, Indian Business Environment, Information System Management, International Business Management, Lean Management, Logistics Management, Management & Behavioural Process, Management Information Systems, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Production Management, Project Management, Retail Management, Sales Management, Service Marketing, Six Sigma, Social Sciences, Social Marketing,  Spirituality in Management, Statistics for Management, Stress Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, Tourism & Hospitality and any other Management areas.

Social Sciences:

The topics include under this as Accounting, Anthropology, Archaeology, Area Studies, Business, Communication, Crime &  Social Order, Criminology, Cultural studies, Development Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Policy, Finance, Geography, Folkloristics, History, Human geography, Human Resources, Information and Social Computing, International relations, Journalism, Law, Leisure and Tourism, Linguistics, Media and Communication, Philosophy, Political science, Politics, Psychology, Public Policy, Rhetoric. Rights, Justice and Society, Social Media, Social Policy, Social psychology, Social work, Sociology, Sport Science & Statistics. etc.,


Technology refers to the practical or the realistic application of science to commerce or industry. This term can also be used to refer to the discipline that deals with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to sensible or realistic problems. The topics include under this as

Applied science: Artificial intelligence, Ceramic engineering, Computing technology, Electronics, Energy, Energy storage, Engineering physics, Environmental technology, Materials science, Materials engineering, Micro technology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear technology, Optical engineering.

Athletics and recreation: Camping equipment, Playground, Sports, Sports equipment

Information and communication: Communication, Graphics, Music technology, Speech recognition, Visual technology

Industry: Construction, Financial engineering, Manufacturing, Machinery, Mining

Military science: Military technology, Weapon systems, Military equipment, Military training

Domestic / residential: Domestic appliances, Domestic technology, Educational technology, Agriculture, Food products

Engineering: Aerospace engineering, Agricultural engineering, Bioengineering, Biochemical engineering, Biomedical technology, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics engineering, Environmental engineering, Industrial engineering, Materials engineering, Mechanical engineering, Metallurgical engineering, Nuclear engineering, Petroleum engineering, Software engineering, Structural engineering, Tissue engineering

Health and safety: Biomedical engineering, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Chemical informatics, Fire protection technology, Health technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Safety engineering

Transport: Aerospace, Aerospace engineering, Marine engineering, Motor vehicles, Space technology, Transport.. Etc.,