Peer Review Process

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board and will be accepted if they meet the AIIJRM criteria and stand in harmony with the standards of the journal.

Reviewers deal with manuscripts blindly and discuss the comments in editorial sessions. Reviews are then sent to the corresponding author for suggested modifications and the corrected version of the manuscript will be peer-reviewed for a second time by two or three external reviewers.

Steps of Review:

1. After receiving the manuscript it would be sent to two or more editors of the editorial board for review.

2. Within week time intimation will be given to the Author regarding acceptance or modification.

3. Each & Every manuscript received will be verified for originality with the help of Anti-Plagiarism software,   so care should be taken for acknowledgment to avoid rejection.

Manuscripts in violation of any of the above conditions will not be published and declined without notice, however will be communicated of the reason to the submitting authors. Inconvenience, if any, is deeply regretted. Hence, all authors are kindly requested to adhere to the above guidelines for considering the paper towards publication.