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Sri Sri Shivalingeshwara Swamy Govt. First Grade College & P.G.Centre, CHANNAGIRI – 577213. Davangere – District, Karnataka-State, INDIA.(Affiliated to Davangere University)

Department of Commerce & Management &

Acme Intellects International Journal (AIIJRMSST)

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Role of Knowledge Management to bring Creativity and Innovation by Dr.Chaya.R 

Role of Entrepreneurial Education for the Promotion of Employability and Entrepreneurship by Dr.S.Kishore  

Perceptions for Empowering in Business Education for Better Employment by Dr. M. Ramana Kumar 

Effect of Teaching Pedagogy on Empowering Employability Skills in Management Education by Saroja. S  

A Study on Cross -Functional Teams by Prof. N. Santhosh Kumar 

Customer Retention in Telecom Industry by Dolly Malla 

Developing Skills to Improve Employability in IT Industry- A Study of NASSCOM and BPO by Basavaraj & Anjaneya B 

Yoga For Stress Management Amongst Youth Businessmen by Dr. Basavaraj M. Wali 

Recruitment Through Social Networking Sites and It’s Impact by Palvinder Kaur & Prof. (Dr.) Satinderbir Kaur 

Impact of motivation programs on Banking Employees by Kiran Kumar Thoti & Prof. Dr. Roselina Ahmad Saufi. 

Barriers to the development of Women Entrepreneurs: A case study of Shivamogga City by Smt.Manasa.S.K, Smt.Gowramma.D.N , Smt.Shakuntala.B.H. & Smt.Dr. N.T. Rajashree 

Business Education to Employment: Bringing India’s Youth into Entrepreneurship by V. Rama Krishna, R.Shashidhar & Muniraju M 

Perspectives- Leading and Empowering Employability through Self Awareness and Self Management by Mr. Vidyadhara & Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude 

A Paper on “Innovative Strategy for Employability by Shamantha Kumar B U & Prof. Deepthi Amith-85-B3 

Product development and penetration of Dessicated Coconut powder by Hamsalekha.S 

Importance of Innovative motivational strategies to Garment Industry by Devikarani.B.M 

Employer Branding as a retention strategy by Mrs. Kruthika .s. Kumar 

The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Creativity on Work Performance and Commitment by Kiran Kumar Thoti 

"Industrial Growth in Andhra Pradesh State through Financing by APSFC" by Dr. S. Dilli Dr. K. Jayachandra Reddy