An Interview  

Education Reforms: The need of the hourAn Interview with the great Indian Saint, Trividha Dasohi, Walking God Sree Sree Sree Dr. Shivakumara Maha Swamiji, Siddaganga Math, Tumkur, Karnataka State, Prof. Shekhara Gowd Mitta 

Research Papers 

“Social values a tool for improving educational value in Indian management education- A Primary Study on selected Indian Management Institutions” by Ms. Vidya.R & Prof. R. Hiremani Naik

“Social Media Networks- Operating And Influencing The Lives Of Target Audience” by Ms. Romica Bhat & Dr. Shuchi Loomba

“Status of Computer assisted instruction (CAI) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) learning among senior secondary school students of Government and Non-Government Schools.” by Ms. Sushma Rani

“Study of Investor’s Awareness, Objectives and Constraints in Investment Planning in the city of Nagpur, India” by Mr. Prashant Chhajer & Mr. Vishal Mehta

“Cross-Regional Equivalence of Consumer confidendence in the safety of food” by Mr. Ravi Kumar Goriparthi & Mr. Sridhar Ayyori

“A Study on the performance of BELLWETHER STOCKS with the benchmark index in Indian context” by Mr. Sunil M Rashinkar & Mr. Sri Hari.V

An Empirical study on “efficiencies of financial Derivatives market in Risk Management in present Indian investment” by Mr. Prasad R A

“Impact of absenteeism on workmen: a study on financial services companies” by Dr. M.S.Annapoorna & Prof Ajit K Bijjal

“A study on alcohol habits of College students in Tumkur District, Karnataka State, India.” by Prof. Shekhara Gowd Mitta, Mr. Ranganath.A & Dr. A.M.Kadakol

“Evaluations of Brand Extensions into the Consumer Market” by Mr. Ravi Kumar Goriparthi & Dr. Metha Bhaskara Rao

“Issues and challenges in cultural tourism: A Study on Odisha” by Ms. Rupashree Pradhan & Dr. Sarat Kumar Lenka

“Tourist’s Satisfaction towards Cultural Tourism Festival: A Case Study on Konark Dance Festival, Odisha” by Mr. Shwetasaibal Samanta Sahoo

“A Study on Work Related Stress and Work Family Issues Experienced By Women BPO Professionals in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India.” by Mr.Lakshminarayana P S & Dr. N Venkataswamy Reddy

"A study on Employee’s Retention and impact on organization development" by Mr. B.K.Kempe Gowda & Dr. Kodanda Rama

Book Reviews 

“Anita Desai: A Psychological Retreat in view of Where Shall We Go This Summer?” by Dr. B. Srinivasulu & Mrs. Suneetha