1.      Publication and authorship:


Ø  The Authors should cite the references in the APA style format; if necessary the author should take the written permission from the original authors.

Ø  The Authors should send the Originality certificate. The article should not exceed the Plagiarism to the extent of 25% in the Literature Review. Other than Literature Review there should not be any plagiarism.

Ø  The Author should not send the fraudulent / duplicitous data.

Ø  The Author should not publish the same research paper in more than one journal.

Ø  Funding through donations/ borrowings.


2.      Author's responsibilities:

Ø  Authors shall agree to participate in double blind peer review process.

Ø  The Research work shall be a significant contribution to the society.

Ø  All the Authors should send the originality certificate stating that the research work is original, real and authentic as in enclosed format duly signed by the all authors.

Ø  Authors shall oblige to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes if any.


3.      Peer review / responsibility for the reviewers:


Ø  Review comments / Judgment should be objective and unbiased.

Ø  Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and / or research funders.

Ø  Incase if the reviewers not cited references, the same should be informed.

Ø  Reviewed articles should not be misused and confidentiality should be maintained.


4. Editorial responsibilities:

Ø  Editorial board has complete responsibility and authority to accept or reject an article.

Ø  Editorial board will preserve anonymity of reviewers.

Ø  Editorial board should have no conflict of interest with respect to articles they accept/reject.

Ø  Editorial board accepts the articles only when it meets the standards of the journal.


5. Publishing ethics issues

Ø  Publisher shall have ethics of monitoring/safeguarding of publication works.

Ø  Publisher have the rights of retracting articles, if found violations.

Ø  Publisher maintains the integrity / truthfulness of the academic record.

Ø  Publisher never compromises the with the quality, intellectual and ethical standards.

Ø  Publisher is bound to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Ø  Publisher follows systematic procedure for articles.

Step1: Plagiarism- Less than 25% (only in Literature Review).

Step2: Standards as per the Guidelines of Authors.

Step3: Double Blind Peer Review.

Step4: Review comments for corrections.

Step5: After Corrections receiving Originality Certificate.

Step6: Printing and Publication/ hosting the soft copy of the Journal in the website.

Step7: Sending the Journal copies along with certificates to the authors.