V.                 Vision & Mission, Aim & Scope: Vision of the Acme Intellects Group

Ø  To bring the reforms in the systems through the collective ideas & ideologies of intellects for healthy society by inviting the reformers at one platform.

Mission of the Acme Intellects Group

Ø  Raising the voice against systems in the systematic professional approach with the Policy makers.

Ø  To identify the present and future problems, analyzing, finding the solutions to apply the solutions at the grass root.

Aim of the Acme Intellects Group

·         To make the Research work to reach to the right place.

·         After the Research what is the next? Focusing on the after research.

·         To provide the platform for Researchers for publishing their quality works.

·         To focus on the societal problems to make the better personalities and citizens for the  better society.

·         To bridge the Gap between Deliveries vs. Requirements.

·         To make reforms, create concepts through research.

·         To apply Innovative techniques in teaching.

·         To minimize the disparities between rural and urban and to uplift the society.

·         To build the relations between UGC, Universities, Higher authorities, Policy makers for making policies and to cross check the Policies vs. Realities in turn reporting the ground realities.

·         Trying to get back from Business angle, Profit centered education to Life leading, wisdom oriented education.

·         To make this platform as knowledge sharing.

·         To compete with foreign universities and compare with other nations and learn, and  adopt the suitable one.



Scope of Acme Intellects Group

·         Inviting a lot of intellects, reformers to this platform to create the concepts and to bring reforms.

·         Submitting committee reports to the UGC , Ministry of Education and other authorities for reforms.

·         Creating grass root development rather than temporary adjustments.

·         To find the loopholes and try to submit the report on the systems so that not to give room to have loop holes. As sky is unlimited the same way there is no limit for intellectuals but limit is getting them and involving into the policy making is problem.